Solutions for handling symlink attacks

Which patch you use is up to you. The Rack911 works regardless of PHP handler, the cPanel patch will give you problems if you’re not using SuPHP.

cPanel didn’t patch this “long ago” because it’s an apache issue, not a cPanel issue. I’m glad to see any support out of them for it though, becuase hackers specifically target cPanel servers with these attacks.

For the probably 100th time, I wish they’d just have both patches available in EA. It’s really the sensible option here.

Also, I can confirm that the rack patch works just fine on 2.2.22 through 2.2.24 without editing, I’ve installed it on countless servers and verified success in the EA build log. The -p1 flag has alwasy been on the /usr/bin/patch command, and if you read the man page for ‘patch’ it will explain that this strips the paths up to the first ‘/’. This means that this


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